TR19NOX Tiltrotators & Control Systems

The NOX Tiltrotator by KINSHOFER is one of the most advanced tools for excavators.
A 360° continuous rotation and tilting angles of up to 2 x 50° make it a universal joint. This cylinderless solution features a very compact design with a narrow width and without any protruding parts. The flexible tool is extremely service friendly, as there are only two greasing points, there are less wear parts, the hydraulics are integrated into the solid cast housing, and the entire installation can easily be realized. The patented tilting function is provided by the elliptic piston design with only one thread. Due to the closed system, the risks of damages are reduced and the tilting force is constant.

A large variety of attachments is available and also those that require a high oil flow and pressure are no problem for the NOX.

The suitable KINSHOFER smooth control provides more safety and precision. Operators can now control the actions of their NOX Tiltrotator with two joysticks.

Quick coupler and attached tools are also operated comfortably and effectively by means of the smart NOXPROP control system: tilt and rotation are controlled by proportional solenoid valves and can be run simultaneously. The extra function is controlled proportionally, too. A separate display module is included. The system has been engineered to facilitate the control of ten valves.

The new versions of the NOX Tiltrotator (TR07NOX, TR11NOX, TR14NOX, TR19NOX and TR25NOX) are also characterized by a very compact design with low overall height and no protruding parts. The hydraulics are integrated in the special cast housing and the complete installation can be managed in a fast and easy way.

Optional: electrical swivel for extra safety requiring couplers and pre-set for 2D/3D-GPS systems for the transmission of angle positions and geometry data.

The SmartTag tool tracking system by Kinshofer and Vemcon allows for additional options. The SmartTag is a microcontrol-based tool with a communication functionality via mobile telephony and internal memory to back up information about operation, failure etc. locally.

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At the last page of below pdf you will find a chart with a complete overview of our NOX Tiltrotators and combination possibilities for a better choice of your own configuration.

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TR19NOX for excavators with 14 to 19t / 30800 to 41800 lbs operating weight, featuring a tilting angle of 2 x 50° at a tilting torque of 34000 Nm / 25075 ft.lbs constant with 8.5 rotations per minute. Tiltrotator, control system, upper suspension or coupling and lower coupler or quick change are included in the standard package.

CSP NOXPROP: tilt, rotation and extra function proportional; choice of tool or profile via display; configuration via laptop or smartphone.

DF10: all functions are controlled by the excavator directly; max. 5 double acting circuits can be connected; 2 extra functions plus quick hitch (6-port swivel).

DF4: two double acting circuits required; circuit 1 controls rotation, circuit 2 controls tilt, extra function plus quick coupler. The switch between the functions is controlled by an integrated solenoid valve. A free ON/OFF-button is required on the joystick. The quick coupler is controlled by a security switch on the instrument board.

CSP SVAB: tilt and rotation proportional; extra function ON/OFF; limited choice of profiles via display; configuration only by controller.

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Working with and without NOX Tiltrotator

NOX Tiltrotator in action

NOX Tiltrotator by Kinshofer

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