Accessories for crane attachments


Quick Change Device KM 507 HD

Different accessories complement the KINSHOFER attachments …

… and make them ready-to-fit packages.

We are able to offer you all suspension links for standard cranes, without and with pendulum damper, as well as specially sized ones. Quick hitch systems for shaft rotators are part of our product range as well as reductions links, hooks and many other connecting possibilities.

Depending on the attachment, we also offer components that improve or increase the utilisation of your tool such as scrapers, load hooks, digging extensions and many more.

Only for US: The KM 507 simple, innovative and dependable system for changing lift connections. Consisting of two pieces - the KwikbelTM, which is welded onto a “target“ (form basket, skid steer or gas bottle rack) and the Striker, which hangs from a hook.

NEW: The 4-Grip is simply attached to the bottom of the shells and you can grip concrete parts, curbs, etc. precisely, safely and without damage. The 4-Grip is simply plugged onto the grab shells and secured with a folding pin. The gripper teeth must not be removed, which significantly reduces assembly time. Thanks to its special kinematics you can grab items not only when closing the shells but also when opening. Shaft rings can be loaded and unloaded fast and easy without damaging them!

The KM 507HD has been developed especially for heavy duty tasks with Z-cranes in combination with timber grabs, orange peel grabs and clamshell buckets. The quick change device provides for an economic exchange between different attachments. The mechanical coupling and locking is achieved by the crane movement. As soon as the quick change device upper part has been positioned in the lower part, the system is closed automatically.

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