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Warranty and Repair:
Warranty claim
Kinshofer Group general warranty terms: Europe (EUR)
Kinshofer Group general warranty terms: UK (GBP)
Warranty extension for new grabs with HPXdrive up to 9t operating weight excavator:

Download your documents here with all required information for the extension of your warranty.

Please choose your region:

warranty extension Europe (EUR)
warranty extension UK (GBP)
warranty extension USA (USD)
warranty extension Canada (CAD)

Warranty Sticker 5 Jears

Register your new HPXdrive here and extend your warranty to 5 years.

NOX Tiltrotator:

You would like to get an offer for your NOX Tiltrotator, with or without attachment? Or you already know exactly what you would like to have and only want to send us all relevant data?

Just complete the following form and send to

Fax no. +49 (0)8021 8899 37 

or Email: 

At the last page of below pdf you will find a chart with a complete overview of our NOX Tiltrotators and combination possibilities for a better choice of your own configuration.

NOX Tiltrotator offer/order form

You do already have a NOX Tiltrotator? 

Then please fill out the appropriate installation protocol and send it to us within 30 days after initial operation to

Fax no. +49 (0)8021 8899 37 

or Email: 

Any warranty transactions can only be processed from this point in time!

NOX Tiltrotator installation CSP
NOX Tiltrotator installation DF04/DF06
NOX Tiltrotator installation DF10
Hydraulic breakers KSB/KFX:
Report on installation and entry into service for hydraulic breakers

Please fill in the following form and attach to your return material to us.

Return of Material
Return of Material NOX

Information for Suppliers:

Terms Of Purchasing KINSHOFER GmbH
Supplier Self Assessment
What does KINSHOFER expect from its suppliers

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