Orange Peel Grapples for Crane


KM652-5-240 (here with optional rotator)

The characteristics of the Orange Peel Grapples for Crane:

The KINSHOFER orange peel grapples are …

the ideal tools for handling car bodies, loose waste, rubbish, gravel or sand, depending on the style of tines: fully or half closing for loose material, pointed tines for bulky scrap. 

A long service life is guaranteed due to the solid design: the hydraulic cylinder pistons are protected by the gripping arms. Hydraulic hoses, connections and oil distributor are positioned in the robust centre section. 

Special wear resistant materials used in the production of gripping arms and oversized bearings ensure a long life for these sturdy grapples.

The grapples are available as a smaller version with five arms (KM 652-5 small) and half closing tines or a larger version, with different tine shapes and four or five gripping arms, depending on your requirements.

Special version KM 652/2:
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