Rail and Sleeper Grapples for Excavator

KINSHOFER Rail and Sleeper Grapples for Excavator KM333-SleeperE


The characteristics of the rail and sleeper grapples:

The KINSHOFER-series for railway construction …

… and maintenance also includes different kinds and versions of grapples to handle rails and sleepers. 

The KM 632HPX-E Rail for excavators features the cylinderless HPXdrive and thus provides the possibility to switch shells if required. The mounted tines are perfectly fit for the secure handling of rails and sleepers. 

Especially constructed to load sleepers, the KM 333 SleeperE sleeper loading grapple can clamp five concrete sleepers at the same time. The attachment is available for excavators with 10t to 16t operating weight.

For excavators with 13 to 20t operating weight, the T20VR-Rail cardanic sleeper grapple with integrated rotator is the perfect tool. It is based on the already proven Kinshofer timber grabs for excacators.

A mechanical solution to lift rails is the RLD-25 clamp which is locked by means of the weight of the rails and re-opened manually after the process. Usually 2 to 4 mechanical clamps are fixed to the eyes of a support bar with chains or carrying straps plus snap hooks or shackles.

Product range:
The extensive range of attachments especially for rail construction:

The rail and sleeper grapples are available for excavators with operating weights from 4t to 24t.


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