NOX Tiltrotator for Excavator | Fork Set

KINSHOFER fork set GAH for NOX tiltrotators

The characteristics of the fork set NOX tiltrotators:

This is the ideal tool in combination with the NOX Tiltrotator!

Lifting, moving and positioning of palletized or unpalletized materials is easy with the GAF fork sets by KINSHOFER

Turn your excavator into a fork lift truck. 

The fork features a high lifting capacity while being a lightweight, highly economical attachment. 
The tines are mechanically adjustable and are easily connected to the carrier by a quick coupler adapter.

It is perfectly adapted for being used with a tiltrotator for the best and most flexible handling on narrow sites.

There is also a hydraulic version GAH available now of each size, where the tines can be moved and adjusted hydraulically! 

Product range:
More pictures and customer operations:

The fork sets are available for excavators with operating weights from 3t to 24t.


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